Class Begins July 22nd!

Only 25 Students Students Will Be Enrolled

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Six Weeks Of LIVE Intensive Training

  • Speaking

    From articulation to pronunciation to poise and posture, you will master how to command a room and the camera.

  • Your Life Unfolding

    Inside of YOUR LIFE are the greatest stories that need to be told. You will learn how to find them, start them, end them, and PERFORM them.


    TOGETHER we will help each other grow. You will get the chance to practice and learn in a safe environment of support and unconditional love.

MOVE your ideal client to take action

I will teach you how to create more influence and profits in your business than any other online program.

  • Learn how to tell a four minute story that will create authority, emotional reaction, and trust.

  • Write, rehearse and shoot 90 second landing page videos that will drive appointments, course sales, and in person service clients to you.

  • Become an impromptu improvising actor able to listen and respond moving over objections and into SALES!

Your Acting Coach and Mentor

Darrell Stern The Digital Marketing Jedi

Voice of Scooter Computer on SchoolHouseRock Jack in "Into The Woods" Freddy in the broadway musical "Smile" by Howard Ashman Worked with avantgarde theater director Richard Foreman Author of "My Upward Spiral" Winner of the National Young Playwright's Festival "Escape From Eetin" CEO of Stern Marketing since 2003 Quoted in Smart Computing Magazine at the dawn of broadband in 1998 Agency Owner who builds $100 Million Dollar brands in four years. Stern Marketing created over 2500 emotionally acted videos with clients from 2020 to 2021! "I can not wait to teach you how to ACT stern"
Darrell Stern Digital Marketing Jedi

COMMAND Your Audience

Master the art of acting and speaking and performance.

  • Learn how to create videos with the best eye contact, lighting, and editing.

  • Master your speech and articulation so you come across as a professional authority in your field.

  • Many Many More Adventures And Training!

Class Begins July 22nd!

Only 25 Students Students Will Be Enrolled

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds


Enroll today and you will be GIVEN the Stern Marketing Academy COURSE!

  • Master the art of connecting on LinkedinIN

  • Become a YouTuber mastering the art of posting videos

  • Learn SEO and our magical BLOG/VLOG combination

Advance Your Influence And Profits

Master how to ACT STERN and move your audience to paying clients!